Ready or not…

Remember when you were a kid, and it was the first day the pool was open for the summer? You couldn’t wait to jump in, but you knew the water would be *just* warm enough not to get goosebumps.  

You’d cannonball in…and what felt like freezing cold water would soon be replaced by squeals of laughter with your friends, and deciding who would call ‘marco’ or ‘polo’. After playing for what seemed like hours, you would inevitably have to use the restroom (I swear I didn’t pee in the pool!). You’d quickly get out, go do your thing, then jump back in. 

For some reason, the water felt even warmer the second time around. Ok, so maybe all your friends had to go too, weren’t considerate and didn’t bother leaving the water! 

Anyway, getting out of the pool – the coldness…then the warmth of returning to the water, that’s what blogging feels like to me. About five years ago, I blogged fairly regularly about my family, our garden, travel and just our daily circus. But then life happened, and baby #3 came along, so the blog – my outlet and the voice I was cultivating – fell by the wayside so I could focus on other priorities. 

So I’m back, damn it! 

I’ve named this blog ‘A Tiny Bit More’ for a few reasons. 

First, I thought it would be cool and neighborly to write about things I’ve found that make life a tiny bit more fun, friendlier, more healthy and just plain nice! I couldn’t be more excited to share what’s going on inside my head. None of the scary voices, I promise! 

It’s also what I’m expecting of myself. Putting just a tiny bit more of myself out into the world and getting uncomfortable is going to ignite amazing things in my life, I just know it. 

Be patient though. Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll fix all the blog widgets and update all the links to my other new social accounts related to the blog. The look and feel will probably evolve too, as will my writing I’m sure. I’m a little rusty on the fancier points of creating a cool blog space but I’m dusting of my design abilities!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Over the past few months, God, or the Universe, or some crazy force has put a few new friends in my path that have inspired me to get intentional with my writing. They’ve shown me that I need to act on my gut feeling, drop my fears, stop fighting and just do it already!

Get ready, because the match is lit and I’m about to drop it!

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