A tiny bit more…peace

It’s 9pm and I’m folding the fourth basket of laundry. This is after doing the dishes, taking all the trash out and finally putting that basket of clothing away that has been sitting near my bedside for – no joke – two weeks. Why put it away when you can conveniently dig through it every day, hoping to find your favorite jeans?? Oh and did I mention two of the three kids are still milling about, stalling so they don’t have to go to bed? Man, I really miss wine as I trudge my way through Day 17 of Whole30!

So clearly I’m on a rampage. The doctor was not kidding when he said that the meds he prescribed for the fluid in my ears might make me extra energetic. This might as well have been speed! I got to bed late last night, so I had that working against me all day too. I did not need another night of less than eight hours of sleep, so I turned to my trusty yoga mat to help me chill out. 

All I could hear in my head was, “But there’s still so much I want to get done! I want to write another blog post, start a new book, maybe watch a show!”

I knew I had to move my body though. I had been sitting at my desk a lot today this week and my hips were not happy with me…so I forced myself to stop, roll out my awesome new CloverYoga mat I gifted myself for Christmas, and looked up a good evening wind down on YogaGlo

I found a class called ‘Evening Sleep Prep Flow’ by Tiffany Cruikshank…perfect. This was going to be the 30 minutes I needed to help my brain let go. 

So I get started, and it’s fast! And there are a few chaturangas too! Um, not the speed I had in mind for an end to a day where my brain was darting in 10 different directions at any given time. But I hung in there, and WOW! About 15 minutes in, it was like a flip of a switch.

My brain slowed along with my breath, and it was like I had to go fast to go slow. As I did the forward bends with my head hanging, I could feel my brain drop in my skull and it was a total release.

Now mind you, at the same time I’m saying to myself, “I’ve got to blog about this! Yes! I’ve got my next post!” So here we are…another slightly late night. However, I’ve checked a few more things off my list, which, in addition to the yoga practice brings peace to my sweet Type A brain.

More tomorrow on my morning  routine that has become the foundation for my day, and maybe a glimpse into the planner I use to keep myself on track. Goodnight!

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