Confessions of a Compulsive Planner 

It’s 3pm. Kids are scattered at after-school meetings, sports practice and/or doctors appointments. You have a conference call, after which you need to pack for tomorrow’s business trip, for which you have to get up at 4am to catch your flight. But wait, you still need to run to the drugstore for travel toothpaste and to the cleaners to get your clothes. And then there’s freaking dinner. And oh crap, you’ve been meaning to set up a get together with Mom and Dad but it keeps getting away from you. 

This is a sample ‘day in the life’ for us. It. Never. Stops. 

Even with an amazing husband who rocks his ‘stay at home dad’ gig, we are outnumbered by kids and he can’t be in two places at once. Not to mention, there are what seems like a trillion details to keep track of that Google Claendar can’t come close to touching. 

Managing our family’s schedule is not for the faint of heart. There are a few key practices we follow to make sure the wheels don’t fall off mid-week.

Google Calendar. Every doctor’s appointment, business trip, vacation, must-do event ends up on this calendar. We live and die by what’s on it. Everyone has access to it so they can see what’s coming up. The only pain is that I haven’t found a way to integrate it with my work meeting schedule so I only have to look at one calendar. 

Enter my Passion Planner.  So this gem is an actual planner – not an app or a device. I know, it’s crazy. It holds all of my work meetings, as well as home-related appointments, shopping lists…AND short and long term goals for whatever dream I’m chasing. Like this blog…I had everything mapped out that I needed to do to get this puppy up and running. 

A look at this week’s passion planner pages…not amazingly beautiful but very functional!

So yeah, the one downside is that I have to manually transfer all of my work appointments and key projects to track to this planner. But this forces me to get super intentional with how I’m spending my time. Oh, and it also forces me to use pencil because meetings change on a dime, so no pretty gel pens for work entries. 

Even though it’s old-school to actually write something down with a pen on a piece of paper, there’s something about the process. I like to pick different ink colors, highlighting accomplishments, adding texture with post it notes. It’s a way for me to visually track my progress in areas like my morning routine. 

I also use it as a pseudo-journal and make a point to print a picture each week and tape it to that week’s page. It’s a nice way to remember fun stuff we’ve done.

If this is as close as I can get to being creative on a particular day, I’ll take it. It may be crazy to some, but I love office supplies too so anytime I can use cool pens or washi tape to make something a tiny bit more pleasant to look at (see what I did there?), I do it. 

God help me if Google ever tanks, or if my Passion Planner gets left behind in an airplane seat back pocket because these things, my friends, run my life!

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Compulsive Planner 

  1. I just got my first Passion Planner and am TOTALLY going to add my weekly rituals to the bottom. I LOVE this. I need everything in one place also – I LIVE by Google Calendars but THIS – THIS is really amazing. I may have to start using pencils though… and YES! To printing a photo every week and adding it. LOVE THIS SO MUCH! And I love YOU!


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