Sunday: Planning for Awesome

Fresh start for next week, and P.S., yes I am a math superstar!! 🙌🏻

It’s literally heaven. I’m sitting out back, my favorite things spread out on the big wooden table and I’m primed for some peaceful reflection and planning time. A gentle breeze is blowing and I’m not sweating which, if you know anything about living in Florida, is just a fact of life. Everyone is outside busying themselves with little projects – occupied and happy. Sigh…a rare moment. 

I like to use Sundays to get set up for the week. It gives me some sense of control, which I know is really a joke, but a girl can dream. Having control…hahahahahaha!

This blogging thing is a lot of fun, but I already know I need to switch up my writing schedule because the late nights are killing this poor introverted soul. Being in bed by 9pm needs to be the rule, not the exception, if I want to be a functioning a pleasant human the next day. So I’m factoring those two things into how I want this next week to go. 

I’m off to the D.C. area this week, and it just occurred to me that it’s the week of the inauguration. Duh. Well, should have seen that coming so I could have had something on the books to take part…oh well. Planner fail. But I am looking forward to seeing a childhood friend for dinner on Tuesday night, so I managed a win there. 

 This week on the tracker, I’ve narrowed my focus to the practices that I’m finding set a good foundation for balance. Being an introvert, I need LOTS of time to think, to process everything and to just be alone. 

Fine tuning my tracker for this week
Things I’m loving as a refine my daily routine:

And BTW, I’m not getting paid for any of these recommendations…I’m sharing these as genuine ways that help bring me a tiny bit more sanity. Enjoy!

Credit: My favorite tea bowl in fist pic by Scott Ross Studio

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