Three Things I Can’t Live Without When I Travel

I took this shot last year as I was arriving into Salt Lake City. Amazing view!

I’m back on the road for work this week, this time to Virginia. Since I work from home, it’s nice to have a change of routine and with work trips. Plus I’m on my same time zone and I have a direct flight! Double bonus!

I thought it would be fun do do a ‘three things’ feature each week…and this week I’ll share a few things that I have to have with me when I travel. 

I am a ‘highly sensitive person’. Yes, it’s a thing…Google can tell you all about it. I absorb everything around me – sounds, sights, smells, emotions, vibes, you name it – and it can seriously wear me out. Las Vegas and I are not friends…total assault on the senses. Sometime people think I’m antisocial, but I really just need down time alone and in a quiet space to recharge otherwise I shut down. No bueno. 

The world becomes very overwhelming for me pretty quickly, so I’ve found ways to cope especially when I have to travel. Things I have to bring with me include:

1.) Essential oils: I always have peppermint and lavender with me. These help calm my nerves and my stomach…or are a nice distraction from the gross smell of old planes or hotel rooms. I got hooked on these when I was pregnant and had morning sickness, and now I don’t go anywhere without them. Also, depending on the season, I may also bring Thieves oil when I have a trip because it helps support the immune system. 

2.) Noise-Canceling headphones: I have a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones and I seriously cannot live without them. I take them on every trip because I can tune out from whatever is going on around me, and I can hear my music or a show really clearly. These also help reduce fatigue from airplane travel because it can be quite loud. 

Even when I’m not traveling, I’ll use them at home if the kids are being loud and I need to work/write. These can be an investment of a few hundred dollars, but I’ve gotten so much use out of them, I have no regrets about paying a little extra for some peace. 

3.) Yoga mat: I got a little fold-up yoga mat from Target last year, and I love it. It’s like my little sacred space I can bring with me anywhere. Sometimes I’ll do yoga in an airport if I have a decent amount of time on a layover and really need a stretch. This does take up a little extra room in a carry on, but I just lay it on top of my clothes before I zip up my bag, and I’m good to go. 

So if you ever see me at an airport on my mat, taking deep breaths of lavender while wearing my headphones, you’ll know I’m just transporting myself to my happy place!

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