Dispatch from the road: California, January 31, 2017

No anniversary dinner is complete without a selfie!

I put my cape back on and got on the road for work this week, this time to California. I say I have a cape because it helps me make the transition from wife and mom to ass kicking corporate professional. 

Leaving is never easy…well, I take that back. It is when your toddler doesn’t sleep through the night…even though Ryan takes the brunt of it and helps Bash back to sleep. Every. Single. Time. Without fail. 

I love that man! I’ve been in love with him for the past 16 years of our marriage…just celebrated our anniversary last weekend, in fact. And then we had a friends night out the next night. Two nights out late and without kids almost did me in, not to mention the very full day on Sunday with church, school and family activities. 

I needed a weekend from my weekend, so it was very handy that I was traveling west for my trip. Gaining three glorious hours was a dream come true. After getting up at 4:30 am Eastern time, traveling 8 hours, then going into the office for 3 more hours after landing, I collapsed into bed at 7:30 pm Pacific. I woke feeling refreshed and ready for the day…except that it was only 11:15pm! So back to bed I went. I can’t remember the last time I got 10 hours of sleep! 

Thank God I did get all that sleep. Pulled a 12 hour day and I’m ready to have some down time. I’m writing because of an awesome prompt I got from my sister in law…”waiting for your next post!” I could almost hear nails tapping on a counter, waiting expectantly. 

So even though I’m meandering with this post, and it took a trip across the country to give me time to put pen to paper, I’m chalking it up to practicing. And I loved that someone was waiting to read what I have to say. 

Life goes so quickly, I often don’t know how to slow down to write about it, or if anyone would be even remotely interested in reading what I have to say. 

That’s one reason why I love writing – it forces me to slow down and reflect on the mundane as well as the unreal in my life. In fact, I realized that during all of the activities and fun this weekend, I didn’t take too many pictures with my phone. However, I consciously took freeze frames and committed them to memory, knowing that life is so sweet. I really basked in these moments, even if I don’t have photographic proof on Instagragm.

How do you process life? Do you let it whiz by and catch a few blurry moments along the way? Or do you consciously savor the moments with clarity?

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