How you know you’re ready to come home

Last night, I went to dinner with a colleague of mine at a hole in the wall Mexican place. It was the kind of food that hits the craving perfectly… especially the margarita (even though I’m ‘technically’ not drinking right now).

So we’re sitting there enjoying our food and this family of four walks in. The two kids were about 2 and maybe 6 months. The parents looked haggared, as I’m sure we did when our girls were that age. The older boy was completely adorable, and that’s when it hit me…I need to hold that kid!

I stifled that urge and got back to my food and my good company. After a bit, I heard the boy fussing. He was sitting right behind me, so I look back, and he’s literally falling asleep at the table! The dad was trying to feed him as he’s falling asleep. 

This is what I’d call ‘the kid wins’ because there’s no way you’ll satisfy your innate need to feed your kid if he’s totally out cold. Him falling asleep only made me want to hold him more! 

And this is when you know that it’s time to go home so you can snuggle your own little ones…that, and the fact that I’ve now worn the same socks three days in a row because I neglected to pack more than one pair. 

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